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FunctX XSLT Functions

XML Elements and Attributes


Modifying XML Attributes

functx:add-attributesAdds attributes to XML elements
functx:add-or-update-attributesAdds attributes to XML elements
functx:update-attributesUpdates the attribute value of an XML element
functx:copy-attributesCopies attributes from one element to another
functx:remove-attributesRemoves attributes from an XML element, based on name
functx:remove-attributes-deepRemoves attributes from an XML fragment, based on name

Modifying XML Elements

functx:change-element-names-deepChanges the names of elements in an XML fragment
functx:replace-element-valuesUpdates the content of one or more elements
functx:remove-elementsRemoves child elements from an XML node, based on name
functx:remove-elements-deepRemoves descendant elements from an XML node, based on name
functx:remove-elements-not-contentsRemoves descendant XML elements but keeps their content

Constructing XML Elements

functx:wrap-values-in-elementsWraps a sequence of atomic values in XML elements

Testing XML Content

functx:has-empty-contentWhether an element has empty content
functx:has-element-only-contentWhether an element has element-only content
functx:has-simple-contentWhether an element has simple content
functx:has-mixed-contentWhether an element has mixed content

XML Document Structure

functx:path-to-nodeA path to an XML node (or sequence of nodes)
functx:path-to-node-with-posA unique path to an XML node (or sequence of nodes)
functx:dynamic-pathDynamically evaluates a simple XPath path

XML Document Statistics

functx:max-depthThe maximum depth of elements in an XML tree
functx:distinct-element-namesThe distinct names of all elements in an XML fragment
functx:distinct-attribute-namesThe distinct names of all attributes in an XML fragment
functx:distinct-element-pathsThe distinct paths of all descendant elements in an XML fragment

Unparsed Entities

fn:unparsed-entity-uriThe URI of an unparsed entity
fn:unparsed-entity-public-idThe public identifier of an unparsed entity

Datypic XSLT Services

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