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FunctX XSLT Functions

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FunctX VersionDownload Link
1.0.1with detailed comments
without comments
1.0with detailed comments
without comments

About the 1.0.1 Release

Release 1.0.1 of this library has been tested with Saxon It uses XSLT 2.0 syntax.

Fixes in this release:

  • Updated the cardinality of the return types of the following functions to be more accurate and in some cases avoid type errors: add-attributes, add-or-update-attributes, change-element-ns, contains-case-insensitive, max-line-length, open-ref-document, remove-attributes, scheme-from-uri, substring-after-last, substring-after-last-match, substring-before-match, update-attributes.
  • Updated number-of-matches to no longer return -1 when passed a zero-length string.
  • Fixed open-ref-document to handle the case where there is no base-uri and no static-base-uri.
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