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Whether an XML node is among the descendants of a sequence, based on node identity



The functx:is-node-among-descendants function returns a boolean value indicating whether or not a node is in the specified sequence, or among the descendants of nodes in a sequence, based on node identity. If $node or $seq is the empty sequence, it returns false.

Nodes are identified based on node identity, not their contents. For a similar function based on the contents of a node, see functx:is-node-among-descendants-deep-equal.

Arguments and Return Type

$node node()? the node to test
$seq node()* the sequence of nodes to search
return value xs:boolean

XSLT Function Declaration

See XQuery definition.
<xsl:function name="functx:is-node-among-descendants" as="xs:boolean"
  <xsl:param name="node" as="node()?"/>
  <xsl:param name="seq" as="node()*"/>

  <xsl:sequence select="
   some $nodeInSeq in $seq/descendant-or-self::*/(.|@*)
   satisfies $nodeInSeq is $node



<xsl:variable name="in-xml" as="item()*">
   <price value="29.99" discount="10.00"/>
   <price value="39.99" discount="6.00"/>
   <price value="49.99" discount=""/>
<xsl:variable name="aPrice" as="item()*">
<price value="49.99" discount=""/>
XSLT ExampleResults

See Also

functx:is-node-among-descendants-deep-equalWhether an XML node is among the descendants of a sequence, based on contents and attributes
functx:is-node-in-sequenceWhether an XML node is in a sequence, based on node identity


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